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Syncro & Vanagon Suspension

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May 10, 2017



April 10, 2017


APR 27, 2015

 After a couple of months of no stock due to a warehouse fire and covid associated production delays, we just took delivery of a large shipment of springs from the factory and have everything back in stock again.  We apologize for the delays and appreciate your patience and understanding.

We are revamping our Shim offerings and will introduce a new product line- up in January, 2021.

We are resuming work  on our new Vanagon Lift springs design and hope to have prototypes by March. 

We are expanding our Shock offerings by introducing the Bilstein B6 line of shocks for the 2W  Vanagon, 14" Syncro and 16" Syncro.  These are high-performance, high-quality rebuildable shocks that perform exceptionally well with the T-3 suspension.  They are a bit more expensive and Bilstein is often out of stock, but the quality and performance make them worth it.   

Carat Springs - New Design Prototypes Arrive

We have developed a new spring design modled after the 2WD Carat spring and just received the prototypes from the factory. Once we complete testing and order a production run, these springs will be available as a regular stock item. These springs are lower and stiffer than the regular Vanagon or Westfalia springs. They feature a true progressive rear spring and have a stiffer, tighter and sportier feel than the standard springs.

Syncro D/P Std. Springs Back in Stock

After being out of stock for some time, we have now received a fresh shipment of the Syncro D/P Standard height springs from the factory. This is the second revision of this design. We tweaked the height, now grind both ends of the coil, started labeling and feature a new, very durable powder coating.

New Developments - We have recently finished doing some fine tuning to the syncro spring desings in preparation for a new production run.

We are taking a our dual-spring approach, through which we endeavor to provide springs suitable for the full range of syncro models. We have fine-tuned these designs as a twin-set that works in tandem - with one spring set for the lighter syncros, and the other for the heaver models. Ride height can be fine-tuned with shims to suit individual vehicle characteristics and owner preferences.

These springs provide most syncro owners with a range of options to choose from in both ride height and spring stiffness.

For more info, see this link:

Which Springs Should I get for my Syncro?

APR 24, 2015

A New shipment of Vanagon Westy springs arrived today


Archive - 2013

OCT 15, 2013

Shims are now back in stock and ready to ship.

OCT 11, 2013

The Syncro Westy D/P and the Syncro TinTop Springs have arrived. They turned out great!

OCT 9, 2013

The Syncro Westy D/P and the Syncro TinTop Springs are completed and on the way here from the factory. Ready to ship out tomorrow.

New Shim material is enroute and we should have shims available again by the end of next week.

OCT 3, 2013

Delivery of the Syncro Westy D/P and the Syncro TinTop Springs has been delayed by up to 1 week by the factory, until on or before October 8th.

We are out of shims. We will have a fresh supply of new plastic and metal shims by November, or sooner.

Sept 15, 2013

SYNCRO Westy DP and SYNCRO TT springs are due to be delivered from the factory on October 1, 2013. These are two brand new designs. We are only getting 10 sets of the Tin Top springs so order soon if you want a set.


July 5, 2013

Price Reductions. Due to increased sales volume, we have been able to reduce prices on our Syncro Westy and Vanagon springs by $20 and $30 a set.

July 3, 2013

Shims are Here! We now have a selection of leveling and lifting shims available on the 'Shim" page.

July 1, 2013



Syncro Westy O/R Springs. We have a limited run of a new set of springs for syncro westys designed with a bias toward off-road and back road use. These springs are very close to the stock spring rate, but require additional force to fully compress due to the increased length, and thus have a much better feel to them. They are a dream off-road and on back roads. There is no better off-road spring for the syncro westy. They feel good on the road as well. However, they are more vulnerable to wind and road changes than our dual-purpose Syncro Westy D/P springs. If you don't mind a somewhat spirited drive in windy conditions on the highway, you simply cannot beat these springs for off-road and back/rough road use. For more info, click the 'Product Info' button for the O/R springs on the Syncro Springs page.

June 19, 2013



Vanagon Springs. The new run of Vanagon Springs is finished. We are in the process of testing samples and expect to accept delivery of the springs by the end of the week. They will be ready to ship next week.

We made a very slight change to the ride-height of these springs, lowering the final ride height approximately 0.250". This change was intended primarily to make the springs more accessible to tin top vans.

June 18, 2013






New Tin-Top / DOKA Syncro Springs. We have just submitted the final specs for the new Syncro Tin Top springs to the engineer for review and approval - which we expect by the end of the week. Once the draings are approved, we will order a limited run of these springs likely not exceeding 10 sets. The level of demand for Tin-Top and DOKA springs is somewhat uncertain and we will therefore be doing priimarily pre-order sales at this juncture. If you are interested in a set, please drop us a line.

The Tin Top springs are based on testing of prototypes developed just for the lighter syncros. We have also tested the Syncro Westy DP springs on several tintops as well. The new srings will feature a spring rate that is very close to stock, but ever so slightly stiffer to improve stability on paved roads. The out-of-the-box height will fall between 19" and 19.5" on most tin tops. This will allow fine tuning with shims up the the maximum (advisable) ride height for CV joints, alignment and paved road handling.

June 17, 2013:

Syncro Westy Springs. We are in the process of ordering our second production run of the new Syncro Westy Dual Purpose springs. The srings will be available in about 5 weeks. After now having tested the springs on a multidue of vans, for this run we will be stiffening up the front and rear springds just slightly to improve highway stability. This change is made primarily to address wind stability on vans with 19.5+" in ride height, but will increase highway stability on all vans. The change is very modest and will only nominally affect off-road performance at the margins.