VW Syncro Coil Springs by SchwenkSprings.com

Syncro Springs

Which Springs Should I get?

We offer two springs to cover the different models of the VW T3 Syncros. The "Lift" springs are a bit taller and stiffer than the "Std." springs. The "Lift" springs are for the heavier models, generally, and the "Std." springs are for the lighter models.

Lift Springs

- 1986-1991 Syncro Westfalias.

- Other heavy Syncros that weigh the same or more than a westy

- May also be used for maximum lift on some other models, but call to discuss before ordering due to risk of excessive ride height.

Std. Springs

- Tin Tops, Caravelles
- DOKAs and SINKAs
- Weekenders
- Tin Top Campers
- 1986-1987 Syncro Westys where maximum height is not desired


Shims & Fine-Tuning Ride Height

For most applications, no shims are needed. However, sometimes shims are desired to level the van to correct a westy lean, or to compensate for a heavier-than-stock rear end due to accessories or a heavier engine conversion. Shims provide the flexibility to fine tune your suspension to your vehicle characteristics, and to your personal needs.

Height can also be fine-tuned to your needs using shims. The front can be shimed to achieve a maximum of about 5/8" to 3/4" of additional ride-heigh, and the rear even higher. Owners of 1988-1991 Syncros can safely add that full height to the "Lift" springs to achieve maximum height.

The 1986 and 1987 Syncro Westfalias will in most instances be too tall if you add shims to the "Lift" springs.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. E-mail us or call 415-388-5212.